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    Allentown, New Jersey

    My 365 is updated! Check out what I’ve been up to!


  2. crossingoverland said: Your work is great!

    Thank you, much appreciated!


  3. I got accepted into The School of Visual Arts, and I’m pretty sure I’m going to go. Pretty hype to be starting as a sophomore!

  4. Val

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    West Chester, New York

    What I’ve been up to

  6. 365visualjournal:


    Allentown, New Jersey


  7. bonezpresley said: that blacklight portrait is realllyyy cool and I wish I thought of it first/saw it/saw something like it months ago so I could recreate it for my studio photo class this semester haha it's awesome

    Thank you! That was a part of my studio class final!

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    Lambertville, New Jersey

    I’ve been up to some pretty cool things, go check them out!

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    East Windsor, New Jersey

    Sometimes I run a day or two late posting the images, but so far I’m really happy with the way my 365 project is turning out. Check it out!


  10. I made a website!

    Check it out at zacsantanello.com

  11. Graveyard

  12. Self portrait at the Beach

  13. Kayce

  14. Kate

  15. Kayce